Using California grapes, new-world winemaking techniques and bottled with natural cork GAWC has been producing quintessential Americana wine since 2012.

“The Helix Packaging concept is brilliant and paired with “The Great American Wine Company” brand should develop into a powerful program for each of our companies,” said Fred Franzia, CEO founder of Bronco Wine Company.

“Knowing and understanding the importance of tradition, it just makes sense for the Great American Wine Company and Helix to be paired together,” said Mr. Franzia. “Made of natural and sustainable cork, the Helix is the most innovative 21st century closure.  It addresses our customer’s need for convenience with the easy twist-off cork, while preserving the elements synonymous with opening a wine bottle, like the premium feel and ‘pop’ the cork makes”.

As the world leaders in cork and glass packaging, Amorim and O-I brought Helix to market in 2013. Helix is a unique package solution combining a twist-off cork stopper with a threaded glass bottle, allowing the package to maintain a premium image but offer the convenience of an easy-to-open, re-seal bottle.